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Brown bear mom with cubs


With the demanding wildlife photographers and observers in mind, we have developed two functional and comfortable mobile trailer hides, fitting 2-4 nature enthusiasts.

Trailer render from behind
Trailer render from front side
Treila välis-3.jpg
Treila seest-3.jpg

The observing and recording of wildlife activities is possible in all four directions through specially designed mirror glass windows. Every hide is supplied with observation chairs, two stationary beds, toilet room, kitchen corner with the cooker-oven and refrigerator. The room and windows have a special heating and ventilation system. The lighting of hide, recharging of the phones, camera batteries and other electronic devices is possible via solar panel powered battery pack or from the main’s grid.

In the 2024 winter season we are offering winter coastal photography focused on eagles and golden jackals on the seacoast scenery in Pärnu county (2 hours from either Tallinn or Riga airport, transfer available).


At the same time, we are launching the possibility to stay in our forest hide, focused on forest mammals and birds of prey, woodpeckers, songbirds and others.

Rohkem pilte leiad galeriist.

Brown bear mom with cubs


Kui Sul on oma salapaik või fotoprojekt või tahad lihtsalt üksi segamatult ja mugavalt loodust otse sündmuste keskel nautida, siis pakume esmakordselt Eestis treiler-varje rentimise võimalust.


Huvi korral võta ühendust, detailid lepime kokku sõltuvalt hooajast ja rendiperioodi pikkusest.

Three gray seals enjoing themselves in the middle of the sea in the sun

A dedicated BOAT-HIDE

The rich and diverse Estonian inland and coastal waters have a lot to offer for wildlife photographers’ and nature lovers. For better exploration of the diverse species and providing the unique experience of getting close to them without disturbing them, we have teamed up with boat building experts and developed the special wildlife photography boat hide.

Drawings of the boat-hide

This 6-person boat hide has a special hull design enabling good and safe navigation both on shallow inland water bodies as well as exploring the coastal seas. The boat hull is constructed from very resistant and sustainable recycled plastic HDPE material. The mirror glass windows of the cabin ensure the water wildlife does not sense the human related disturbance and stress.

The modern electric trolling engine enables the silent and smooth approach and gives the necessary manoeuvrability for the best photography results.

In the 2024 winter season we are starting in February, the exclusive photo trips in Saaremaa island targeting Steller Eider, Long-tailed Duck and other seabirds.

In the spring migration season, the bird rich Western Estonian seabays with swans, ducks, grebes and other waterbirds are in focus.


During the summer period, seal photography on Western Estonian coastal seas as well as beaver photography trips on inland waters will be available.


At the autumn period in addition to migrating waterbirds also the Common Crane photography near their coastal roosting sites is possible.

Rohkem pilte leiad galeriist.

Rock-hide for wetland bird photography, two seagulls sitting on top of a hide


  • The lekking Ruff hide

  • The wintering Bittern hide

  • Tent and floatable hides for generic coastal waterbird photography