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About the project

Summary of the project: with the current project, the novel innovative wildlife tourism services shall be developed and tested. The idea is to improve the sustainable use of Estonian rich biodiversity’s nature- and ecotourism potential. In this way, it also helps to prolong and diversify the tourism season, enhance the sustainable economy of the remote rural regions. For achieving these goals, the novel wildlife tourism infrastructure units will be developed and tested for providing attractive and high level added value services based on the rich natural heritage of Western Estonian wilderness areas like woodlands, marshlands, and wetlands


Project funding: The Enterprise Estonia (Estonian fund for innovation and Entrepreneurism development – EAS) is supporting the OÜ Naturum project “The development of the wildlife photography-based nature tourism in Western Estonia “(project n0. 2014-2020.15.03.22-0437; Turismisektori elavdamise programm). The total cost of the project is 99 550 EUR, EAS support is 69 685 EUR (70%) and own co-funding is 29 865 EUR (30%).


The aims of the project: There is a substantial demand on the high-quality level services for wildlife photo- and videography and watching services on international market. Despite the fact, that Estonia is listed among the best European wildlife and nature tourism destinations, the relevant services are lacking. With the development of the innovative and high-profile wildlife tourism services infrastructure assets, the project aims to boost and catalyse the development of new relevant services and trade networks development for sustainable nature tourism.


The outcome goals of the project: to make investments into high-end and novel type of wildlife tourism infrastructure for developing the tourism market in Estonia based on the iconic wildlife species and develop viable and sustainable business network on with high added value services. For achieving this goal, the following investments and activities are planned:

  • developing the concept, technical solution and building the two mobile trailer-based wildlife hide units

  • developing the concept, technical solution and building the specially designed boat hide with electric trimming

  • developing and testing the new wildlife tourism services under the newly developed trademark WildNature Estonia.

Both types of hides are designed on mobility principle, which enables providing flexible and well-timed services and experiences to the customers depending on the seasonal varieties. Both types of hides use the mirror-glass windows for best observation and recording experiences as well as minimising the disturbance for a sensitive species. The design and technical solutions are also focused for comfortable and best wildlife enjoying experiences, regardless of the seasons and weather conditions.

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